10-year-old quarterback in Pittsburgh

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A 10-year-old quarterback in Pittsburgh, Pa is turning heads and his future looks sky high!  Dion McBride Jr. runs the spread offense for his national flag football team, Pittsburgh Elite.

Dion is 4’6” and weighs 76 pound but his quarterback coach says he already has a canon for an arm.  “One thing that I saw first was his natural ability to throw the football” says Greg McGhee.  

McGhee knows a thing or two about being a QB as a four-year starter at Howard University and playing in the CFL.  When asked about Dion’s future in football, McGhee says “he will be one of the best high school QB’s in the state!”

QB Magazine asked Dion why he likes playing football so much.  For Dion, a lot of it is the other kids around him.  He says he enjoys “the teamwork that it takes to win”.  Dion says he’s looking forward to helping lead his team to many wins so they will gain exposure, he’s hoping “everyone will know his teammates names”.

We also asked Dion what makes him unique, he told us his “work ethic is what makes me stand out”.  Again, his personal coach definitely agrees with that statement.  “He is very focused for his age” McGhee says.  He also tells us that Dion “works extremely hard to get better” and “he is also competitive and cares about his craft”.

That hard work is paying off for Dion.  In the short time he’s been playing, Dion has been: a two-time quarterback of the year, two-time quarterback challenge winner, tournament MVP and season passing touchdown leader.

Even though he’s still years away from it, Dion is already thinking about college.  He wants to step on the field and lead the offense at either Louisiana State University or Michigan and study Sports Broadcasting.

In the more immediate future, Dion wants to attend as many football camps as he can, along with winning the Summer Flag Football Championships at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Dion may be extremely focused on football but like most kids he has healthy interests outside of football.  He also likes to play basketball and video games.  Dion also enjoys watching YouTube and sports, go Steelers! 

Dion wants to thank all the people that have helped him along the way, his family, teammates, and a special shout-out to his coach Greg McGhee.

When asked asked what he wants people to know about him, Dion says “that I’m willing to leave everything on the field to win!”

That seems like a good place to leave this story, so remember the name Dion McBride Jr.!  The QB magazine definitely is and wishes him all the best in his young career and in the future.