2026 QB Quinn Roth X QB Mag TOUR

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2026 QB Quinn Roth spending some time at Georgia tech University.

Written by Senior Writer Brian Holt

The QB Mag TOUR hit the road over the summer taking a group of high school qb’s on a recruiting trip to colleges in the South along with California’s Private QB Coach Jose Mohler with LeftCoastAthletix.com.

This select group of quarterbacks met and workout with coaches from U of Georgia, U of South Carolina, Liberty U, U of Alabama, Georgia Tech U and also got to tour the campuses.

At the QB Mag TOUR we like to showcase our members that are putting in the work to get recruited and play at the next level.

We caught up with one of the quarterbacks that went on the QB Mag TOUR’s supper college tour to introduce himself to our readers, give a recap of the tour’s events and why aspiring college players should go on one of these trips.

2026 QB Quinn Roth at the Atlanta, GA airport on the last day of the QB Mag TOUR.

Quinn Roth – Recruiting Class of 2026

1) What is your name, grade and class year, school and city you live in?

My name is Quinn Roth, I’m going to be a Freshman (2026) and I will be attending La Costa Canyon. I live in Cardiff by The Sea. 

2) How long have you been playing football? 

I’ve been playing tackle football for about 4 years but I started playing flag football when I was very young.

3) Why do you like football and why do you like being a quarterback?

I love football because it is the ultimate team sport and the feeling of going out on the field with all your brothers is amazing. I like playing Quarterback because you have control over the game and you have to put people in the right places to succeed. 

4) What makes a great QB?

All the best QB’s are incredible leaders and the whole team can follow them and respect them when they speak. They also have to be very smart and really have an understanding of the whole playbook and know what everyone’s job is.

2026 QB Quinn Roth meeting Coach Bill O’Brien at University of Alabama

6) Who is your top current or retired pro QB and Why? 

I would have to say Joe burrow right now. He has a very similar play style to me I would like to say and he is a very well rounded player. I also think he has a competitive edge to him that makes him and the people around him rise to the occasion. 

7) Hobbies or interests outside of football?

I have a lot of hobbies outside of football. The first one would have to be surfing because of how close I live to the beach. I can do it very frequently. I also just recently started playing golf and so that will definitely be a part of my week. Another thing I enjoy is mountain biking.

8) Can you explain what the TOUR is to someone who doesn’t know?     

The tour was an experience that I was very lucky to be a part of. I learned a lot and it motivated me to work even harder because I saw what the colleges were like. The people were also great. We had so much fun in the van driving from city to city.

The 2022 QB Mag Tour X Left Coast Athletix with Private QB Coach Mohler taking a group photo in front of the Bryant-Denny Stadium.

9) What is your best memory from the QB Magazine TOUR?

I don’t really have a specific memory. But I can say throwing a great pass in front of some college coaches and showing my talent was pretty great.

10) What was the funniest moment on the TOUR?

There were too many funny moments to count. I can just remember we were laughing most of the time in the van. 

11) Why should other QB’s go on the TOUR?

Other quarterbacks should go on the tour because it’s something you remember for the rest of your life and you can see other parts of the country and experience what it’s like to be a college player.

12) Any last words or anyone you would like to add

I want to thank everyone involved in the Tour, especially my coach Jose Mohler with Leftcoast Athletics. 

(QB Quinn Roth currently trains with QB Coach Jose with Left Coast Athletix in San Diego, CA. To sign up head to LeftCoastAthletix.com)