A Rising Quarterback Star on the Horizon

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Hailing from Epic Charter Schools, Jayci Tippin stands as a beacon of promise in the football landscape, representing the class of 2028 with his remarkable talent and unwavering dedication. With a commendable six years of football experience under his belt, Jayci’s journey on the field is not just a personal pursuit but a familial legacy, inspired by his family’s deep-rooted connection to the sport.

What fuels Jayci’s passion for football is its boundless potential to shape his future. Embracing the pivotal role of a quarterback, he finds fulfillment in leading his team with precision and strategic acumen. To Jayci, leadership, coachability, and attentive listening are indispensable traits for achieving success in his position.

Drawing inspiration from the prowess of current quarterback CJ Stroud and the electrifying playmaking of former athlete Michael Vick, Jayci aspires to emulate their skill and leadership on the field. Beyond football, he cherishes moments spent with friends, whether engaged in rigorous training sessions or enjoying the thrills of amusement parks and malls.

Participation in prestigious camps like the Under Armour All-American Next camp, where he clinched the MVP title, has fueled Jayci’s pursuit of excellence. Setting his sights on refining his throwing technique and fostering a coachable mindset in the short term, his long-term aspiration centers on mastering the art of launching deep balls with precision and finesse.

Despite encountering challenges, including occasional criticism during trying times, Jayci remains steadfast in his resolve and unwavering in his commitment to personal growth as a player. His pre-game ritual, marked by visualization, music, and a moment of tranquility, primes him for peak performance on the field.

Jayci attributes much of his development to the invaluable guidance of Coach TC and Coach Cliff, who have imparted crucial insights into decoding defensive formations and stances. His advice to aspiring young quarterbacks is simple yet profound: believe in oneself and maintain unwavering focus amidst distractions.


Thankfully, Jayci has been spared from any major injuries throughout his football journey. His offseason regimen is characterized by relentless dedication to improvement and rigorous conditioning, ensuring he remains in peak physical form.

Reflecting on pivotal moments, Jayci fondly recalls a thrilling comeback victory during the 11U season Super Bowl, a testament to his tenacity and skill under pressure.

With a commendable blend of academic achievements, athletic prowess, and an indomitable spirit, Jayci Tippin emerges as a luminary poised to ascend as a standout quarterback. His relentless pursuit of excellence, both on and off the field, distinguishes him as a rising star in the football realm.

For those interested in further inquiries or eager to witness Jayci’s highlights, he can be reached via email at jaycitippin2009@icloud.com or connected with on Twitter and Instagram at JayciTippin and blessedjayci, respectively.

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