From Hard Work to Victory: Braylon Cave Jr.’s Path to Success

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Braylon Cave Jr., a 7th-grade student at Ina A. Colen Academy in Ocala, Florida, is making waves as a promising athlete, particularly in football. Aged 12, Braylon has already garnered attention for his leadership skills and prowess on the field. He enjoys his role as the commander, relishing the opportunity to connect with teammates and foster a sense of brotherhood.


To excel in his position, Braylon emphasizes the importance of multitasking, fearlessly using his voice to command the field, and maintaining discipline. He looks up to quarterbacks like Jalen Hurts, whose playing style resonates with his own. Apart from football, Braylon also dabbles in basketball, showcasing his versatility in sports.

Reflecting on his experiences, Braylon highlights the QB Universe camp as a standout moment, praising the energy of the coaches and the overall positive experience. His short-term goal is to make it to the Under Armour All-American game as a starter, while his long-term aspiration is to continually improve his skills, focusing on speed, strength, footwork, and ball handling.

Overcoming challenges is nothing new to Braylon, who recalls struggling with footwork in his earlier years. Through dedication and hard work, he honed his skills and emerged stronger. His training routine is rigorous, involving various exercises to enhance arm strength, flexibility, footwork, and throwing accuracy.

When asked about his significant coach or mentor, Braylon credits his father for his unwavering support and guidance throughout his journey. His advice to aspiring athletes is simple yet powerful: trust the process, persevere through challenges, and stay committed to the grind.

Braylon’s weekly schedule is packed with activities geared towards improving his game. From QB IQ classes to fieldwork and gym sessions, he maintains a disciplined approach to his training regimen. Despite his busy schedule, he prioritizes recovery on Fridays to ensure he’s in optimal condition for upcoming games and practices.

Looking ahead, Braylon remains focused on his athletic pursuits, leaving no stone unturned in his quest for excellence. With his determination and dedication, he’s poised to achieve great success in football and beyond.