Get to know QB Boehm from Boise, ID

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Holden Boehm is a fifth-grade student at St. Marks in Boise, Idaho, and a quarterback for his local football team. He has been playing football for seven years and started at the age of four. He enjoys the fast pace and contact of the sport and finds it particularly fun to play as a quarterback, as it gives him the opportunity to always have the ball in his hands.

In his opinion, a great quarterback must have good leadership skills and the ability to process the field and make quick decisions. His favorite current or retired professional quarterback is Lamar Jackson, who he admires for his passing and running abilities, and for his ability to make plays when things fall apart.

Aside from football, Holden also has a black belt in Taekwondo, which he feels has helped him with all his sports and training. He enjoys school, particularly science and math, and likes hanging out with his friends and cousins, playing video games, riding bikes, and other normal kid activities.

Holden has attended several quarterback camps, such as Elev8 camps, QB Universe, Rise & Fire, Left Coast Athletix, First Down Training, and RARE QB Retreats. He enjoys competing against some of the best QBs in his class in the nation, and finds that the camps help him gauge where he is and what he needs to improve on.

In the next six months, Holden’s goal is to help his team win tournaments around the country, and to take in as much training as possible to improve his play at QB. In the next 12 months, he hopes to bring all the training and 7v7 experience into fall tackle and lead his team to another undefeated season. His biggest challenge as a quarterback has been with the mental side, and he is working on not being too hard on himself when he makes a mistake.

Holden is grateful for the support of his parents, who have helped him chase his dream despite the limited training resources for quarterbacks in Boise. He hopes to prove that with dedication and hard work, it’s possible to be successful on the larger stage, no matter where you’re from.