Get to know QB Cooper Ortgiesen from Plain City, UT

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Cooper Ortgiesen is an 11-year-old student at Fremont High School in Plain City, Utah. He is currently in the 6th grade and is set to graduate in the class of 2029. Cooper has been playing football for a total of 3 years, tackling and 5 years of flag, and 7v7 football. He also plays 7v7 competitively in the offseason along with basketball and baseball.

Cooper enjoys playing football because it is challenging and he likes to challenge himself to always be his best. He likes playing quarterback because it is fun and he enjoys being a leader and helping his friends succeed. In his opinion, a great quarterback handles adversity well, has the best work ethic, and does all the little things to get better every day. A good quarterback craves the process and works nonstop to be the best.

Cooper’s favorite current quarterback is Patrick Mahomes, who he admires for his leadership and ability to make things happen for his team. His favorite retired quarterback is Drew Brees, who he has looked up to since he was a kid, because of his work ethic and leadership on and off the field.

Outside of football, Cooper enjoys competing in basketball and baseball, and loves the outdoors. He enjoys watersports, snowboarding, and going on vacation with his family. He has attended several quarterback camps over the past three years, including the Giovando camp in Arizona, QBU Dallas, and the QBU leadership camp in Clearwater Florida. His favorite parts of these camps are the relationships he has built with coaches and other QBs around the country, and the competitive aspect of each camp. He has learned invaluable things about being a leader and how to be the best quarterback for his team.

Cooper’s goals for the next six months are to continue to train hard, with a focus on strength and agility, and to prepare for the 7v7 travel season in January in Vegas. Over the next 12 months, he wants to win several 7v7 tournament championships and to lead his team to a Ute Conference Championship in 2023. His ultimate goal is to be the best quarterback his age in the state of Utah.

In the 22′ season, Cooper’s statistics were 7-2 on the season, 19 Passing TD’s, 1 INT, 1 rushing TD, and 1559 yards passing. His biggest challenge as a quarterback was overcoming the fear of getting hit by big defensive linemen, which he overcame by working hard day in and day out, taking on contact, and learning how to get the ball out quickly to his receivers. His most influential coach or mentor in his football career has been his dad and uncle, who have given him and his brother and cousin opportunities to work and get better and have helped him in his love of the game.