Kris Carranza: A Young Quarterback on the Rise

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Kris Carranza is a quarterback on the rise. As a 7th grader at Oaks Christian Middle School in Camarillo, California, Kris has already been playing football for 8 years and has his sights set on greatness. His passion for football and the quarterback position is unmatched. “The QB position is like no other,” Kris says. “I get to see and manage the field, and even though it comes with a lot of responsibility and pressure, it’s something I thrive under. I love every single aspect of this game.” Kris’s drive to succeed doesn’t just apply to football. He’s also a leader and role model on and off the field, open to criticism and always looking for ways to improve. It’s no surprise that his favorite current or retired professional quarterback is Patrick Mahomes, who Kris admires for his calm and confident demeanor, his ability to make difficult passes look easy, and his top-notch field reading skills.

But football isn’t the only thing on Kris’s plate. He also enjoys playing video games and spending quality time with his family. And when it comes to quarterback camps, Kris is all in. He recently attended Elite 11 and loved the short competition drills against other quarterbacks. Kris has big goals for the next 6-12 months. He plans to attend more quarterback camps, gain confidence, experience, and exposure, and become one of the best quarterbacks in the nation. And when he’s not on the field, Kris is focused on his education and being the best version of himself every day.

Competing for the starting quarterback position has been Kris’s biggest challenge so far, but he embraces healthy competition and works tirelessly to earn it. His pre-game routine includes stretches, focusing on the game, chatting with teammates, and getting pumped up with some music. Teddie Anderson has been a huge influence in Kris’s football career, teaching him the basics and guiding him in positive ways on and off the field. For young quarterbacks just starting out, Kris has some valuable advice: never give up, always give it your all, and make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.

Kris has also learned the importance of listening to his body and taking preventative measures to avoid injuries, like bruises and shoulder pain from throwing. During the off-season, Kris’s training routine includes practices with private coaches for throwing, conditioning, agility, and strength, as well as playing on a 7v7 team for continued field play and attending local camps. Kris’s football career is already full of memorable moments, like long throws, big gains on scrambles, and big hits on other players. But he’s just getting started. With his dedication, drive, and love for the game, there’s no telling how far Kris Carranza will go as a quarterback.