Meet 8th grader, QB Chaz Garcia

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My name is Chaz Garcia, and I am in 8th grade, class of 2027, at Champion Schools in Chandler. I live in Gilbert, Arizona. I have been playing football for 9 years, and I enjoy it for the competition and teamwork involved. As a quarterback, I love the skill and focus required, as well as the opportunity to be a leader and help others grow and learn. In my opinion, a great quarterback is someone who makes smart decisions mentally and physically on and off the field, who sees the bigger picture and acts in the best interest of the team, and who can consistently be a positive presence for the team. My favorite current or retired professional quarterback is Peyton Manning for his skills in the pocket and the work he has done off the field.

Outside of football, I enjoy going to the gym, playing basketball, and spending time with my family. I have attended quarterback camps in the past, such as IMG Academy and the Elev8QBacademy competition. My favorite parts of these camps were learning from other coaches with different experiences and techniques.

My goals for the next six months are to increase my throwing distance, increase my weight limits in the gym, and finish out the school year strong with all A’s. For the next 12 months, my goal is to be the starting quarterback on my freshman team and improve my overall football mechanics, as well as start my high school years off with a strong GPA.

My biggest challenge as a quarterback has been overcoming people telling me I was too small and didn’t throw far enough. But I overcame this by asking my parents to get me a trainer and a gym membership. My pre-game routine includes eating right and getting plenty of rest the night before. I don’t have any superstitions or rituals. The most influential coach or mentor in my football career has been Rope Ruel with Jenkins Elite, who has drastically improved my football mechanics since I started training with him. My advice to young quarterbacks who are just starting out is that it’s not just about how far you can throw the ball, it’s about the work you put in every day to be a consistent leader on the team and moving the ball down the field. Put the work in and be dedicated to your craft.