Meet Braylen Vhan, a Talented QB in the Class of 2026

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Braylen Vhan is a 9th-grade student at Inglemoor High School in Seattle, WA. He has been playing football since 4th grade and is currently the quarterback for his team.

Vhan loves the teamwork that goes into football and enjoys playing the quarterback position because it puts him in a position to help his team win with added pressure on him to perform. He believes that great quarterbacks are strong leaders with a high football IQ and a desire to do whatever it takes to help their team win. His favorite quarterback is Patrick Mahomes, who is a prime example of the traits all good QBs must have – leadership, IQ, and being a team player.

In addition to football, Vhan also wrestles and plays lacrosse when those seasons are here. He also likes to build things and work on circuit boards with his grandfather, who is a retired engineer. This is his first QB camp and he is very excited for the opportunity to learn.

Vhan’s goals for the camp are to improve on his QB mechanics and memorize the playbook as they have a newer head coach entering his 2nd season with them and teaching a newer offensive scheme. He is a competitive person who loves a good challenge as it helps him grow and work on his craft. His biggest challenge is learning the playbook while playing with teammates who were in their first year of playing tackle. This required a lot of patience and communication to make sure they were on the same page on different plays and formations.

On game day, Vhan has a routine of having a lot of fluids the night before and the morning of, eating a high protein breakfast and lunch, re-reading the plays, and visualizing them in his mind before taking the field. He does not have any superstitions yet.

Vhan’s parents have been the most influential, especially his dad, who has been his coach in both football and basketball ever since he began playing in grade school. His parents encourage him to take calculated risks and are there when he has tough moments he needs to work through. They are his rock!

Braylen advises young athletes to have fun and be a student by learning from others. Also, don’t limit yourself with only one sport or position as you might find out that you have untapped skills. He also mentions that a positive attitude, patience and daily treatment are key factors in the recovery process. When not training and practicing for the current season, he works on his mechanics and footwork with a trainer and lift weights to add muscle. He also connect with a few receivers on weekends to get comfortable with passing routes.

He also mentioned that in the first game they played against a JV team in their opener that had a few varsity players. They had shutout their varsity a few days before they played them. He had several passes against them and threw a touchdown pass to break their shutout streak.