Meet QB Tre Bollen from Lincoln, NE

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Meet Tre Bollen, a talented football player from Lincoln Southeast High School in Lincoln, Nebraska. With 12 years of experience on the field, starting as young as 1st grade, and even playing with kids older than him, he has proven his dedication and skill in the sport. His hard work paid off in 8th grade, as his team achieved an undefeated season and took home the city championship title. Tre’s exceptional performance earned him the recognition of playing in the city all-star game.

Tre enjoys playing football because of the relationships he builds with his teammates, who become like brothers to him. He likes playing quarterback because of the leadership role and the ability to serve others and be passionate for his teammates. He also likes the challenge of pushing his teammates in unfamiliar situations.

In Tre’s opinion, what makes a good quarterback is having certain intangibles that should not be questioned at any point in the game. The most important of these is the ability to stay poised and even-keeled throughout the game, never letting the highs get too high or the lows too low. This includes having a “next play” mentality and the ability to rise to the occasion and execute to the best of one’s ability. Additionally, a good quarterback should have a relentless pursuit of success on and off the field.

Tre’s favorite current quarterback is Trevor Lawrence, who he admires for his size and length, as well as his ability to stay poised in big moments. Lawrence is an example of what it means to compete every day and strive for greatness at every level. He is also an alumni of the Elite 11 Academy, which is a goal of Tre’s as well.

Aside from football, Tre enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking new and unique foods, and playing basketball and baseball. He also enjoys attending quarterback camps and meeting other people with similar goals, sharing his love for the position and learning about others’ journeys.

Tre’s goals for the next 6 months are to improve himself physically by being in the weight room more often and working on his throwing mechanics. In the next 12 months, he hopes to improve his pocket presence and awareness, build on his ability to throw on the run, and understand more passing concepts and defensive coverages.

One of Tre’s biggest challenges as a quarterback was losing his first game of the season and having to come back the next week with a “next game” mentality. He had to work with his team to prove people wrong in their next game. His pre-game routine includes walking the field and saying a prayer, receiving tape on his wrists and ankle, finding game balls he likes, and putting on eye black and a headband before taking the field. The most influential coach in Tre’s football career has been Ben Buettenback, who he says does a great job of getting the best out of players by combining great drills with his own experiences at the positions.

The advice Tre would give to aspiring quarterbacks is to always strive to improve and be the best version of yourself. Work on the little things and always have a positive attitude. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help and learn from others. It’s important to surround yourself with people who will support and push you to be the best you can be.