Miller Garfinkel: QB and Aspiring Actor

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Miller Garfinkel, a ninth-grader at Gulliver Prep in Miami, Florida, is leaving a mark both on the football field and in the realm of acting. His football journey began at the age of five, ignited by the excitement of the sport through televised games and playtime with friends and family. Encouraged by influential football figures and supported by coaches and relatives, Miller’s passion for the game steadily blossomed.

As a quarterback, Miller thrives on competition and embraces the responsibilities of leadership. He emphasizes the importance of strong leadership, quick decision-making, and precision passing, alongside qualities like adaptability, toughness, and clear communication. Miller draws inspiration from quarterbacks such as Joe Burrow for their play style, resilience, and leadership traits. Alongside football, Miller harbors a love for acting, having already appeared in several films. Balancing both pursuits, Miller sets his sights on Hollywood and the NFL for his future endeavors.

Miller actively engages in quarterback camps, valuing the learning opportunities they provide. His goals revolve around maintaining a healthy lifestyle, consistent workouts, and on-field excellence. Despite challenges and doubters, Miller remains steadfast in his pursuit, working diligently to prove himself.

Before each game, Miller follows a meticulous pre-game routine, including warm-up throws and team prayers. He attributes his growth to mentors like QB coach Oliver Bozeman, head coach Earl Sims, and his parents, who have guided him through challenges.

To aspiring quarterbacks, Miller stresses the importance of consistency in training and enjoying the process. Despite setbacks like knee injuries, his determination and commitment to rehabilitation have propelled him forward.

During the offseason, Miller focuses on conditioning, weightlifting, and regular throwing sessions to maintain sharpness. Reflecting on his high school debut, where he secured the game-winning touchdown against rivals, Miller expresses gratitude for the opportunities and support he has received.

With appreciation for his mentors, peers, and faith, Miller Garfinkel looks ahead to his journey as a rising star quarterback and aspiring actor, aiming to leave his mark both on and off the field.

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