QB Aravind: Rising QB Talent from Redmond

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Aarush Aravind, a freshman at Eastlake High School in Redmond, Washington, is carving out a remarkable path in his football journey. Despite having only two years of tackle football experience, Aarush’s passion for the game has been a guiding force for eight years. Inspired by the challenge of mastering the quarterback position, Aarush deepened his football knowledge during the Covid year, immersing himself in Madden and NFL highlights.

Football isn’t just a pastime for Aarush; it’s an avenue to showcase his talents and prove his worth. As a quarterback, he embraces the responsibility of leading the team, valuing qualities like awareness, accuracy, football IQ, and toughness as crucial for success in his position. He draws inspiration from Tom Brady, admiring Brady’s composure under pressure and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Beyond the gridiron, Aarush enjoys video games and focuses on enhancing his athleticism through rigorous workouts. While he hasn’t attended many camps, he recognizes their value in honing his skills. Aarush’s immediate goal is to earn the starting quarterback position for his upcoming sophomore season, with long-term aspirations of becoming stronger, faster, and more athletic for future seasons.

Despite facing setbacks, such as being overlooked for starting roles, Aarush remains resilient, dedicating himself to hard work and continuous improvement. He credits his coaches, including private QB coach Steve Gervais and strength and conditioning coach Matt Hegarty, for their invaluable contributions to his development.

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Aarush’s pre-game ritual involves mental preparation, warm-up walks, and focused throwing to prepare his arm. He understands the importance of seizing each day as an opportunity for improvement, advising young quarterbacks to adopt the same mindset.

Despite encountering injuries like a triceps strain, Aarush remains committed to his training regimen, which includes strength and conditioning sessions, precision in throwing routes, and cardio exercises.

Aarush’s determination and growth mindset shine through in his performance during spring football practice, where he impresses coaches with his progress. Looking ahead, Aarush is poised to make a significant impact on the field as he continues to evolve and refine his game.