QB Faris: Embracing Fearlessness on the Field and Beyond

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Colin Faris, a Junior at North Canyon High School in Phoenix, Arizona, embodies the essence of a physical receiver on the football field. His passion lies in both making receptions and delivering crucial blocks downfield, demonstrating fearlessness in taking and delivering hits after the catch. With a keen focus on maintaining excellent hand-eye coordination, Colin ensures he’s a reliable target for his team, while also keeping a sharp awareness of down and distance on every play, and adeptly reading defensive coverages.

Inspired by NFL legend Larry Fitzgerald, Colin admires the physicality and skill that Fitzgerald brought to the game. Beyond football, Colin is also an accomplished varsity basketball player and plans to rekindle his interest in baseball this year, relishing the competitive spirit and the opportunity to refine his athletic techniques across different sports. His dedication extends to continuous improvement, whether it’s through building strength, gaining weight, or honing his understanding of defensive strategies.

Throughout his athletic journey, Colin values the guidance he receives from mentors like Coach Grayson, who has deepened his understanding of the game. Embracing the ethos of fearlessness, Colin encourages fellow players not to hesitate in making impactful plays, recognizing that often the opponent is more intimidated than they are. Despite facing challenges such as frequent coaching changes, Colin has learned to adapt swiftly, a skill that serves him well both on and off the field.

Colin’s commitment to athletics extends beyond his primary sports seasons, as he seamlessly transitions from football to basketball, then onto track or baseball, followed by intensive summer football training. His determination was evident from his first impactful hit while playing special teams kickoff for the varsity team, setting the tone for his gridiron career.

Beyond sports, Colin engages with his community by working with special needs students at his high school, showcasing his friendly and inclusive personality off the field. His multifaceted approach to life and sports has garnered recognition, with his recent acceptance to the 2024 Quarterback Magazine Tour, where he’ll have the opportunity to showcase his skills and explore potential collegiate opportunities at institutions like the University of Cincinnati, Ohio State University, Miami of Ohio University, University of Indianapolis, and Purdue University. With his blend of athleticism, determination, and compassion, Colin Faris is poised to leave a lasting impact both on and off the field.