Meet QB Hudson Lamer from state of Michigan

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Meet Hudson Lamer, a 6th grade student at Zeeland East Middle School. He’s part of the class of 2029 and has been playing football for an impressive 5 years.

When asked about why he enjoys playing football, Hudson had this to say, “I love the speed of the game, the competitiveness, the physical aspect, and most of all, playing with my friends. There’s nothing quite like being on the field with a team you trust and enjoy spending time with.”

Hudson is particularly fond of playing the quarterback position. “I love being the one who starts every play with the ball in my hands. It’s a huge responsibility, but the competitor in me loves the pressure of a defense coming at me every play.”

So, what makes a great quarterback in Hudson’s opinion? “A great quarterback is always cool under pressure, always calculated with their decision-making, and always handles their emotions well on the field. Football has its ups and downs, and you need to know how to handle them.”

When asked about his favorite professional quarterback, Hudson had no hesitation in saying, “Josh Allen. His athletic ability to move and throw on the run for his size is what I like most about him.”

But football isn’t the only thing Hudson enjoys. He’s also a fan of playing basketball, hanging out with friends, and learning graphic arts. He loves to go on family vacations and trips. He’s also attended many quarterback camps across the country and his favorite part is competing with kids from across the country and seeing many of his quarterback friends at the same time.

Hudson has big goals for the next six to twelve months. “I want to continue to improve in all aspects of the QB position, train hard with QB Coach Holcomb from Next Level Athletix, and hopefully achieve my high school goals and play college football someday.” He believes that the journey of a quarterback takes patience and quiet work towards goals that may lie far ahead in the distance.

So, keep an eye out for Hudson Lamer, he’s one quarterback to watch out for in the future!