Quarterback Talent with a Passion for Control

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Colton Salee, a freshman at Mater Dei from Evansville, Indiana, is stirring up the football scene with his profound love for the game and aspirations to follow his father’s footsteps. With six years of football experience, his passion stems from wanting to emulate his father, a college player.

As a quarterback, Colton revels in controlling the game and leading his team to victory. He excels under pressure, always craving the ball during crucial moments. Football offers him a unique thrill unlike any other sport.

Colton believes great quarterbacks need accuracy, arm strength, pocket awareness, mobility, decision-making, and the ability to read defenses. He emphasizes that leadership, accountability, organization, outgoingness, and confidence are equally vital.

He draws inspiration from quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes, especially admiring Mahomes’ mobility outside the pocket. Besides football, Colton enjoys baseball and basketball, showcasing his athleticism across different sports.

Attending quarterback camps, he enjoys drills focusing on pocket awareness and the competitiveness of 1-on-1 and 7-on-7 sessions. His short-term goals include earning the starting quarterback position for his varsity team and leading them to a state championship, while long-term aspirations involve garnering attention from college scouts and building relationships with coaches.

Overcoming confidence challenges through dedicated practice and film study, Colton’s pre-game routine involves music, film study, and rigorous throwing sessions to prepare mentally and physically.

He credits his father as a significant mentor, appreciating guidance in identifying strengths and weaknesses. His advice to aspiring quarterbacks is to prioritize accountability, practice diligently, and maintain calm and confidence.

With impressive freshman year stats and rigorous offseason training, focusing on throwing, route-running, and strength conditioning, Colton is poised to continue his upward trajectory as a promising quarterback talent.