Ra’Jon’s Quest to Become the Next Patrick Mahomes

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Ra’Jon is a seventh-grader attending Austin Middle School in Hiram, Georgia. His passion for sports was sparked by his exceptional ability to throw any ball – be it a football, baseball, or softball. Football is Ra’Jon’s favorite sport as he enjoys being around different types of athletes, each with their own unique personality. As a quarterback, he believes it is the most coveted position in sports, requiring a high IQ, great anticipation, and the ability to think ahead by two or three plays.

Ra’Jon is a fan of Patrick Mahomes and hopes to have the same abilities as him. When he’s not playing sports, Ra’Jon enjoys playing Xbox and solving Rubik’s cubes at competition speed. He recently completed the NextGen camp, where he learned and honed his skills. Ra’Jon appreciated the fairness of the camp, unlike some others where players are selected beforehand.

In the short term, Ra’Jon aims to increase his fundamental skills, which will increase his value as a quarterback and also gain exposure. He is eagerly waiting for July when he turns 13 to start lifting weights. Ra’Jon admits that the grind of football has been tougher than he expected, but he is overcoming it by embracing it. He loves the challenge and believes that there are no days off in football. His pre-game ritual involves getting a cheeseburger and listening to music.

Ra’Jon’s father is his biggest supporter, and they spend a lot of time practicing and training together. They study film of both Ra’Jon’s performance and his opponents, which has helped them both a long way. Ra’Jon has yet to experience any setbacks in his career and hopes that God continues to look out for him.

In addition to football, Ra’Jon also runs track and engages in plyometrics three times a week. This year, he will also be training for 7v7, where he hopes to lead his team to the semifinals for the first time. If you’d like to follow Ra’Jon’s journey, he can be found on Instagram at @rajon_to_old and on Twitter at @raheisser.