Sam Holcomb: Next Level Athletix

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Sam Holcomb is a Quarterback from Downers Grove, Illinois. He is currently training with Next Level Athletix, a nationally known Private Quarterback Training brand based in Chicago, Illinois. Sam has always had a passion for Quarterback and has worked hard to perfect his craft. Next Level Athletix has helped him take his game to the next level, and he is grateful for the opportunity to work with such a great organization. Quarterback is not only a sport but also a way of life for Sam. He looks forward to continuing his training with Next Level Athletix and becoming the best Quarterback he can be. 

Nowadays, more and more young quarterbacks can be seen making throws traditionally reserved for elite players. Sam went viral on ESPN Sports center. The video shared by SportsCenter was posted to Instagram by a quarterback development company in Illinois called Next Level Athletix one year ago. Football fans can access the video on the link below:

Sam Holcomb is part of the class of 2030 and plays for the Downers Grove Panthers.  

He has been playing football for about six years and started playing Tiny Mites for the Naperville Patriots, where he began as an O lineman. He loves football because, in his opinion, it’s the most fun and challenging sport. It is about trust and how working together with ten other guys.

Because a great QB has to be a leader and be able to handle pressure and stress, some people might think that Quarterback is more than just a sport. However, Sam Holcomb from Downers Grove, Illinois, sees it as a way of life.

He likes watching QBs players and being inspired by Kyler Murray, Zach Wilson, Josh Allen, and Patrick Mahomes. Also, he admires guys who retired, for example, Steve Young and Brett Favre, and he tries to be like many of them when he plays.

Besides football and QB, Sam has always liked to draw because he is passionate about art. His second favorite sport is playing basketball. He also likes to play video games with his friends.

Sam’s family is significant support for him. They are always at his games and practices and never miss one of his Quarterback training.

With His dad as my QB coach, He has been allowed to attend many QB camps.

His favorites are Rise & Fire camp, QB Universe, Elev8 Camp in Arizona, LeftCoast Athletix, Elite 11, QB Impact, and Gunslinger. 

A winning mentality in sports and life comes from strong family support and Quarterback training.

His goal is to keep improving so he can be good enough to play college one day. His favorite team is Michigan, and he wishes to play for them. Michigan football is one of the most prestigious programs in Quarterback. In 2021, they had the number one recruiting class.

In brief, Sam Holcomb, the young Quarterback, is training not only to be the leader on the field but to throw the ball accurately on every play and give his team the best chance to score on offense with last-second play calling. All he wants is to be in sync with his head coach and run the offense the way they want to win that game.