Sophomore QB Romeo Evans III shows promise on the gridiron

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Romeo Evans III, a 10th-grade student at Tahquitz High School in Hemet, has been playing football since the age of seven. His passion for the game was sparked by watching football on TV with his dad, and he would even use gummy bears to set up a football team and pretend to do running back drills. He fell in love with the sport and enjoys waking up every day to play his favorite sport.

As a quarterback, Romeo has learned the game and has become a smart, fast decision maker. While he does not have a favorite quarterback, he admires Josh Allen for his hard work and quick decision making. Romeo works hard by studying his plays, watching football, and working out.

His goal for the next six months is to learn how to read a defense and understand their coverage. In the next twelve months, he hopes to receive his first D1 offer and be all CIF. Romeo credits his teammates and coaches for the opportunity to play varsity football as a sophomore QB and leading them to a winning season.

His biggest challenge was being a freshman quarterback starting on varsity as a sophomore, but he learned to grow up mentally fast. Before games, Romeo warms up, listens to music, and prays with his teammates. His coach, Coach Pace, has been instrumental in his development as a player and even as a person. He is a good coach and a second dad to Romeo.

Romeo’s advice to aspiring football players is to be a leader on and off the field, study their plays, and play 110% every play. Even if they make a mistake, they should own it and move on to the next play. Romeo faced some challenges when he switched to quarterback, but he persevered and worked hard to become a successful QB.

Every morning, Romeo does band stretches and works on his form and release time with his wide receivers. One of his most memorable moments was during his first playoff game with 50 seconds left on the clock. He threw a touchdown pass to win the game and will never forget that moment.

Romeo is grateful for his senior wide receivers, Mikhi Dunn and Dorion Livingston, for believing in him and being his best wide receivers this football year. He also admires his most talented teammate, Do’Jonni Bryant, and hopes to take his team to a national championship game with upcoming wide receivers, Eric Bell and Elijah Smith. Romeo’s dad always tells him and other kids that “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work.