Stepping Up: The Elijah Thomas Football Adventure

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Elijah Thomas, a fourth-grader with aspirations as vast as the football field itself, is making waves in the world of youth football. Born into a family where the love for the game runs deep, Elijah’s journey into football began at a tender age of four. With a father and three older brothers deeply entrenched in the sport, it seemed almost inevitable that Elijah would follow suit.

“I’ve been playing football for four years now,” says Elijah, his eyes lighting up with passion. “My dad played football, and my older brothers play as well. I just think the game is interesting and fun.”

At the core of Elijah’s passion lies the thrill of competition and the challenge of pushing himself to new heights. As a quarterback, he relishes in the pressure and responsibility that come with leading his team on the field.


“I enjoy the thrill of being pushed and challenged as a QB,” he explains. “I love when someone tells me I can’t succeed at something. It drives me.”

For Elijah, being a successful quarterback goes beyond physical prowess; it requires leadership, intelligence, and constant self-improvement.

“Leadership, being vocal, being smart, and studying the position constantly are crucial,” he says thoughtfully. “Challenging yourself to get better every day is key.”

When asked about his inspirations in the sport, Elijah’s admiration shines through as he talks about his favorite quarterback, Lamar Jackson.

“My favorite quarterback is Lamar Jackson,” he declares proudly. “I admire his skill set and his approach to the game, and he’s representing for Broward County!”

Outside of football, Elijah enjoys a variety of activities, including baseball, basketball, and video games. However, it’s on the football field where he truly shines.

“I attended the winter camp in San Diego, and I loved the drills and the competitive aspect of the camp,” he recalls with enthusiasm.

With his eyes set on both short and long-term goals, Elijah is determined to make his mark in the world of football. 

“My short-term goal is to continue to get better and lead my team to a Super Bowl this year,” he says confidently. “My long-term goal is to prepare myself for middle school ball and become the starting quarterback.”

Reflecting on his journey so far, Elijah acknowledges the challenges he has faced, particularly in finding his voice as a leader on the field.

“My biggest challenge as a quarterback was learning how to come out of my shell of being quiet and getting more vocal,” he admits. “Once I did that, my teammates began to follow and trust me.”

Before every game, Elijah follows a routine that helps him mentally prepare for the challenges ahead.

“My pre-game routine is to eat a snack because I don’t eat breakfast before a game,” he shares. “After that, I do my stretches, and on the way to the game, I put on my game day playlist and get locked in.”

When asked about his mentors in the sport, Elijah is quick to credit the coaches who have played a significant role in his development.

“It’s hard for me to pick one coach because I’ve had several coaches who have helped me become who I am today,” he says gratefully. “My foundation started with Coach Rucker, and then with Coach Anderson and Coach Poole. All three of those coaches are significant.”

As he continues to pursue his dreams, Elijah offers advice to aspiring young quarterbacks.

“Be coachable and trust the process,” he advises. “It will get hard at times, but if playing quarterback is what you really want, then it won’t seem that hard. It will just be what is required to achieve your personal goals.”

With a humble spirit and unwavering determination, Elijah Thomas is not just a young athlete but a rising star destined to leave a lasting impact on the world of football. As he continues to chase his dreams, one thing remains clear: for Elijah, the sky is the limit.