The Journey of Jace Rainer from Overlooked to Quarterback

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Jace Rainer is a rising 9th grader in the class of 2027 at Magnolia High School in Texas. He has been playing football since 2018 and initially played offensive line. However, during a pre-practice session with his head coach in 2020, Jace was told that he had a good arm for a lineman, which led him to start working out and ultimately set his sights on becoming a quarterback.

Jace worked hard to lose weight and improve his skills, attending his first QB camp with his father’s encouragement. By 7th grade, he had shed weight and was 5’3″. By 8th grade, he had grown to 5’7″ and weighed just 120 lbs. Currently, at 3 months after 8th grade, he stands at 5’8″ and weighs 130 lbs.

Jace’s love for football comes from the time he gets to spend with his dad and the opportunity to be a leader as a quarterback. He is motivated to please others and enjoys when people find happiness in what he is doing. He believes that the qualities of excellence, integrity, respect, loyalty, leadership, poise, and humility are what make a great quarterback.

Jace’s favorite current or retired professional quarterback is Tom Brady because he was overlooked for most of his junior high and high school career until he had a growth spurt. Jace can relate to this as he feels he may have been overlooked by his junior high coaches despite his hard work and accuracy as a quarterback.

Aside from football, Jace enjoys woodworking and being creative. He has attended 10-12 quarterback camps over the past two years and enjoys the camaraderie with his campmates and coaches.

Jace’s goals for the next 6 months include getting bigger and faster, going to camps to get more reps, and studying his high school’s offense prior to 9th grade. His goals for the next 12 months include improving his skills as a quarterback and committing to memory and being able to recognize defensive coverages.

Despite facing challenges due to his appearance, Jace has overcome them through hard work and dedication to becoming the best quarterback he can be. He is grateful for the recognition he has received and is excited to continue working towards his goals in the future.