Tre Bollen: Rising Quarterback with a Drive for Excellence

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Tre Bollen, an 11th-grade student at Lincoln Southeast High School in Lincoln, Nebraska, possesses a passion for football deeply ingrained within him from a young age. With his father being a former collegiate football player, Tre’s connection to the sport runs through his veins, shaping his ambitions and aspirations.

For Tre, the allure of football extends beyond the mere thrill of the game. It’s about the camaraderie and bonds formed on the field, as well as the weight of responsibility that comes with being a quarterback. As the leader of the team, he embraces the challenge of staying poised and level-headed throughout every play, ensuring that he knows the ins and outs of each move his teammates make.

Inspired by players like Lamar Jackson, Tre admires their ability to turn seemingly impossible situations into game-changing opportunities. It’s this capacity to extend plays and create magic on the field that drives Tre to push his own limits.

Beyond football, Tre finds solace in basketball, relishing the company of like-minded individuals with similar aspirations. He understands the dedication required to excel in sports and remains committed to his goals, aiming to secure multiple Division 1 offers within the next year.

Reflecting on his journey, Tre acknowledges the hurdles he’s faced, particularly the challenge of not being a true starter until his senior year. However, he refused to let this setback define him, showing up to practice every day with the determination of a seasoned veteran.

Tre’s pre-game rituals speak volumes about his commitment and mindset. From saying a prayer on the field to meticulously taping his wrists and adorning himself with headbands and eye black, every step is a testament to his unwavering focus.

Credit for Tre’s development goes to Coach Gottula, whose unwavering support and dedication have propelled Tre to new heights. Under Coach Gottula’s guidance, Tre has honed his skills both on the field and in the film room, understanding the importance of mastering every aspect of his craft.

Tre’s journey hasn’t been without its obstacles, such as a sophomore-year ankle sprain that tested his resilience. Yet, he approached the setback with determination, embracing the necessary treatments to expedite his return to the game he loves.

Looking ahead, Tre remains steadfast in his pursuit of excellence. With early morning workouts focused on strength and agility, combined with relentless dedication to perfecting his footwork and throws, Tre is poised to leave an indelible mark on the football field.

As he reflects on his past successes, including thrilling 2-minute drill comebacks, Tre remains humble, recognizing that every achievement is a culmination of hard work and dedication. For him, the key lies in embracing every challenge, no matter how daunting, and approaching each opportunity with unwavering determination.

In Tre Bollen, we witness not just a talented athlete, but a young man driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence—a quality that promises to carry him far beyond the football field.