Tyce Whiteman: The Future of Football

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Tyce Whiteman is an 8th-grade at Bishop Fenwick in Zanesville, Ohio. He loves football because it is a team sport requiring everyone on the field to do their job and succeed. It demands the highest level of commitment and accountability.

Especially at the college and professional level, the quarterback role is the most critical position on the field. The quarterback leads the team offense and ensures everyone is in the right place at the right time. They have to make rapid decisions and be able to think under pressure.

Quarterbacks have been liable for calling the team’s offensive plays based on the defense’s formation or game situation. To decide their freedom play, quarterbacks often rehearsed and studied prearranged spaces during their team’s practice sessions.

Tyce Whiteman has all the qualities of a great quarterback. He is a natural leader and motivator. He is continually working to improve his skills and knowledge of the game. He is very coachable and takes direction well. He has a strong arm and accuracy.

Anthony Morelli, a former American football quarterback who played college football at Penn State, taught him and had him read defenses at eight years old.  

Morelli believes that Tyce Whiteman has all the tools to be a successful quarterback at any level.

Tyce Whiteman has a bright future ahead of him. He is destined to be a great quarterback. With his natural ability, he has all the tools to be successful at any level. Football is in good hands, with Tyce Whiteman leading the way.

He has attended Elite 11, FBU Regional- Top Gun – National Future’s Showcase, and several college camps. He enjoys training with Anthony Morelli @ X Factor QB in Indy with many great QBs.The environment there is so competitive, and the coach has impacted his life both on and off the field. His favorite part of camps is learning the game from great coaches and connecting with the other top QBs across the country. They force him to get better and compete at his highest level. Tyce has met incredible people from all over the country at these camps and has created a QB fraternity where they support each other in their journeys.

Tyce has two favorite NFL QBs. They are Tom Brady and Joe Burrow. He loves Tom Brady because he is the goat of all time, and he has played the position at the highest level for that many years is truly unique. He admires Joe Burrow because he is from his area code 740, and they are from a small town in Ohio. Joe is an inspiration to all small-town kids that anything is possible. Tom Brady and Joe Burrow are mentally tough, competitive, and confident, which is why they have had so much success in their careers.

 Hobbies outside of football, like basketball, baseball, and boxing, help keep Tyce grounded and humble. He enjoys golfing, playing tennis, and pickleball just for fun. He loves to travel and enjoys exploring different places. One of his favorite things is hanging out with his friends.

He takes nothing for granted and knows he must continue working hard to achieve his dreams.

Tyce wants to improve in every aspect of his game. His goal is to continue to work hard to become the best version of himself on and off the field. A few plans for him are to start varsity as a freshman next year and win a league and regional title. His bigger goal is to pick up some offers from some unofficial visits before the start of his first year.

There are different methods to build a great quarterback in football. The three most important things are to have a great work ethic, be coachable, and be confident. Tyce Whiteman has all of these qualities.

 He is destined to be a great quarterback. With his work ethic and natural ability, he has the tools to be successful at any level. Football is in good hands.