Xavier Means: The Young Quarterback with a Bright Future in Football

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Xavier Means is a middle school student attending Dutchman Creek Middle School and is a football enthusiast. His love for football began when he was only five years old, and he cannot remember what sparked his interest. What he loves most about playing football is competing with his friends and teammates. As a quarterback, he enjoys being the main person, and the play starts with him.

According to Xavier, some qualities that are essential for playing quarterback include having confidence in your throws, great footwork, and knowing and adapting to your receivers. He does not have a favorite quarterback, but he likes to watch Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen because they are both dual threats like him.

Apart from playing football, Xavier enjoys playing Madden on Playstation, playing outside with friends, playing with his baby sister, and watching his favorite YouTubers KayKayes and CoryXKenshin.

Xavier has attended The QB Legacy, and his favorite aspect was being coached by Donovan McNabb and other great trainers. His short-term goals are to increase his arm strength and footwork, and his long-term goal is to win a conference championship with his high school.

Xavier has faced some challenges in his football career, and the biggest one was during 7th grade when he had heel pain due to growth spurts. He overcame it by pushing through and not thinking about the pain when he ran. It limited him during his 6th-grade year, and he did not want it to limit how he played the game again.

Although he does not have any pre-game routines or superstitions, Xavier’s most significant coach and mentor in his football career has been his dad. His dad taught him the basics of how to throw, correct running form, and the importance of being loud on the field.

Xavier broke his collarbone last season, and he used that time to heal and rest. Once he healed, he started back with strength and conditioning. Currently, he does QB Training with his QB coach once a week, and he also throws with his dad once a week. Additionally, he does strength and agility training 2-3 nights a week.

Xavier’s most memorable play was a 74-yard run he had in 7th grade against Getys Middle, and his most memorable game was in 7th grade against Glenview Middle. They were trailing by a TD with 40 seconds left, and he threw an 80-yard TD pass to tie the game, and they won in triple overtime. He sealed the game in the third overtime with an interception.

In conclusion, Xavier is a talented football player with a bright future ahead of him. He is focused on his goals and works hard to improve his skills on and off the field. With the support of his family and coaches, he is poised to achieve great things in his football career.